Getting Your Head “Right” for Herbal Medicine

Getting Your Head Right for Herbal Medicine

Herbalism and plant medicine are reaching “fad” status now and that is something that concerns me. While it’s wonderful that people are becoming interested in more natural methods of healing, it is concerning that they are jumping in without really considering how much their mindset needs to change to use plant medicine effectively and over […]

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Witch Hazel And Why You Need It

The Many Uses of Witch Hazel

Witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is actually a plant, not just some concoction made by cosmetic or over-the-counter medication companies. Witch hazel contains substances called tannins that help it reduce swelling, repair broken skin, and fight off bacterial infections. The leaves, bark, and twigs of the witch hazel shrub are distilled into a hydrosol or liquid […]

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